Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - February 22nd, 2018

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - February 15th, 2018


HAC reads his famous “Dreaming The Iron Dream” essay from 1999, and we get a reprise from Andy on White nationalist politics as entertainment. Gretchen on Russian nationalism, plus the Trucker calls in from the icey steppes of Nebraska.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Did Trump Mean To Scuttle DACA?

by Bill White 

Last week, Donald Trump deliberately scuttled a DACA deal.  Given the opportunity to cut a deal that would admit as many as two million illegal non-Whites to American citizenship, Trump said no.  He said no to the Gang of Six deal that was brought to him by Gramm and company, he said no to Chuck Schumer’s offer of a year of approval of funding for a wall, and he took a position that was calculated to end in no deal being made. 

The question that White working people now face is whether or not Trump meant it, or whether this was just more theater designed to fool us again.

Trump originally set a deadline for resolving DACA by mid-January, shortly after his show meeting with various Senators where he unfortunately discussed “comprehensive immigration reform.”  It didn’t seem at the time that Trump really knew what comprehensive immigration reform meant, and the White House quickly walked back any implication that Trump was going to allow the Third World scum that the Judah cult has brought into the United States to replace White workers on a “path to citizenship.”

Then Trump followed up with his “shithole” comments, and it seemed that DACA was going to die without re-authorization and the phony, ugly, hateful “Dreamers” would be made subject to deportation—even if actual deportation seems to be just another pipe dream.

Yesterday, though, Trump, in seeming treachery, floated the idea of allowing the Dreamers a path to become citizens after ten to twelve years of good behavior. This is the Lindsey Graham, Phil Gramm, Judæo-occult One World Desire, to take this unwanted hordes, and to make them into the next generation of multi-cultural, mud-skinned Americans and Democrat voters. 

When I heard it I didn’t immediately think “Amnesty Don,” because I know that Donald Trump is a liar. He says things that he doesn’t mean because they sound good, and then he does whatever the hell he feels like.

Today it seems that Trump has rolled out a plan that has a path to normalization of status for the Dreamers and their scumbag families, as well as persons who could have become a Dreamer but didn’t, if only the existing immigration system is dismantled. The details aren’t out yet, but it seems that Trump is still going to allow the immediate unwanted family of the unwanted scumbags to settle in the country, without any preferences for Norway or other Europeans. In fact, the plan seems somewhat moderate, and without the kinds of poison pills needed to guarantee that it doesn’t pass and the Dreamers become subject to deportation.

The fact is that Congress is not going to pass any legislation that helps White working people, as the Democrats are still too powerful and Trump has not waged the kind of war on non-White persons necessary to really drive them out of the country, thereby eroding the Democratic voting base.

Because no action by Congress is going to benefit White working people, the best outcome of the current stalemate for White working people is a continuing stalemate. If Congress fails to act and the Dreamer program dies, then the Judaeo-occult forces that are trying to replace White workers have been dealt a setback, and they have received nothing in return.  Donald Trump can still force a budget to build the wall, but keeping these two million aliens in the country is off the table.  This improves the White situation.

The wrong outcome would be Donald Trump making any deal that allows the Dreamers permanent residency of any kind in the United States, whether as citizens or otherwise. Trump may be focused on the “art of the deal,” but White people have to be focused on their real futures. The fact is that immigration and the hateful, alien, nature of American society is what is suppressing the White birthrate.

If there were no immigrants and there were no Judæo-occultists exploiting White workers, White people would have children and the next American generation would be a White generation, like all of the generations before.  But because the American system has been created for the purpose of committing the slow genocide of White people, White working people recognize that there is no future in this country for themselves and their children, and they do not reproduce. 

This process has been observed over and over again worldwide. In Germany between the wars, the German birthrate fell to terrible low levels until Adolf Hitler revived German society and created a future for German people. In Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian birthrate collapsed because the country was poor and in chaos. When the economy recovered under Putin, the birthrate climbed back up. The same thing has been observed in Poland, in Hungary, in the Czech Republic, and in every other White country that has had a collapse, a period of chaos, and has rebuilt without allowing some Judaic murderer tell it it needs to bring in racial aliens.

When I saw Trump deliberately scuttle a DACA deal, I believed that Trump was working for White workers.  Now that he has rolled out a plan designed to bring 1.8 million or so unwanted non-Whites into a normalized status, I'm not so sure. 

If Trump grants the Dreamers any kind of normal status, White working people can feel pretty assured that Trump has betrayed us. But I'm not so sure. So far Trump has done an excellent job as President. What he says has no more meaning than Putin’s assurance that the little green men are just Russian soldiers on vacation, but what he has done has been impressive. 

So maybe DACA will go down in flames by March 5th. Trump did betray White workers when he shot rockets into Syria, but he hasn’t repeated that action, even going so far as to not meaningfully respond to Kim Jong Un’s provocations and to allow Obama’s Kurdish Communist allies to be destroyed by the Turks as Assad, Russia, and Iran win the Syrian civil war.   So one cannot rely on what Trump says. We can only rely on what Trump does. Hopefully, he won’t be shooting missiles into abandoned airstrips again any time soon.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - February 8th, 2018


HAC answers some migration inquiries from Canadians and gives out to Movement misogynists, again. Lord Lucan incites the British army to mutiny. Gretchen reviews Camp of the Saints.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Idabro's Migrant Paradox

I was pondering on Covington's Paradox when another paradox struck me concerning organic migrants and self-identifying White Nationalists.

Organic migrants flee to the Homeland at every opportunity to escape from diversity, queers, from the teeming hordes of non-Whites, the unbearable taxes, the filth, depravity and economic destruction that is a natural consequence of the progressive/liberal worldview and politics. And yet these people would suffer death rather than admit that they are fleeing from all those vile things they claim to love and revere.

On the other hand, White Nationalists and potential Northwest migrants will boldly proclaim how much they hate living around multi-racialism, fags, feminists, and all the other forms of  Amurrican rot--but they would rather tolerate and live in the midst if these things than suffer the inconvenience of putting aside petty bellyaches and moving to a place that is not only whiter and brighter, but which may save our race on this continent if enough of us ever move here.

That's my thought for the night.  Perhaps you can condense the message into something pithy and tweet sized.


Hmmm .... how about:

"Organic migrants talk liberal and act racial. White nationalists talk racial and act liberal."

Monday, January 29, 2018

Radio Free Northwest - February 1st, 2018


HAC rambles on about turnover in White nationalist circles and why no one can seem to find what they’re looking for.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

No, You Wuzn't Kangz


The latest "blockbuster" movie Black Panther posits a mysterious Hidden Kingdom of Super Niggaz which purports to show what Africa would be like if White colonialism hadn't destroyed it. It's as ridiculous as you might expect, but the "we wuz kangz" gibber has become increasingly strident among our duskier fellow citizens for several years now. Apparently they are tired of being portrayed by Hollywood as "victims", i.e. slaves.

"The first ever genetic analysis of mummies found that ancient Egyptian kings were more closely related to West Asians than Africans, according to a study published Tuesday by scientists at the Max Planck Institute. The research found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to Neolithic Levantine, Anatolian and European populations. The mummies tested did not share strong genetic links to Africa often found in modern Egyptians."

(By the way, the fact that ancient Egyptians were not negroes has been known for several centuries, since Egyptology as a science began, due to the depiction of real negroes in hieroglyphs and frescos on the walls of ancient temples and pyramids, as well as in scrolls and other remains. Blacks are indeed depicted---as slaves, battle captives, etc.)

“This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” Wolfgang Haak, who led the research team, said in a statement. “The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300 year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained genetically relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” Haak said.

"It’s further evidence that ancient Egyptians were genetically different than modern day residents. Scientists largely agree that ancient Egyptians were indigenous to the Nile area, but a vocal minority of Afrocentric scholars claim that the area’s ancient population was entirely African. Those scholars claim ancient Egyptians were similar to Sub-Saharan African cultures, arguing that famous Egyptian rulers, including Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, were more African than Caucasian."

(Uh .... no. Like so much liberal horse shit, that is simply not true, and no amount of ooking and eeking and Twitter-shaming and threatening scientists' and academics' careers if they don't toe the line can make it true.
We have statuary portraits of Tutankhamen and while he wasn't exactly a Viking, neither was he a negroid. Cleopatra wasn't even Egyptian, she was Ptolemaic Greek and probably didn't even speak the language of the common people of the nation she ruled. Contemporary accounts by Roman chroniclers who met her personally when she was living in Rome for a time, after Caesar but before Antony, describe her as a blonde. There are surviving coins bearing her likeness, and while it is crude and probably not much good as a portrait, the likeness is that of a Caucasian woman.)

"Researchers analyzed ancient DNA from mummified Egyptians who lived from 1400 B.C. to 400 A.D., establishing that mummies can be a reliable source for genetic material to study the ancient past. The study could open the door to further genetic testing of mummified remains. More than 151 individual mummies were examined during the research. Scientists recovered mitochondrial genomes from 90 individuals and genome-wide data sets from three individuals."

I myself only needed to examine one unwrapped mummy, at the Chicago Museum of Natural History. One look at the skull and the desiccated lips and nose, and you know this guy was no porch monkey.

Judging from the representations on the aforementioned temple walls, etc. the ancient Egyptians probably looked a lot like today's Mexicans, although some of the brown skin portrayed in the stylized art may be due to simple suntan. In fact, Mesoamerican Indians such as the Maya and Aztecs were the only other known pyramid-builders in world history. There has been a lot of speculation about links between the two cultures, although I don't buy it.

[Sigh ...] No, the Egyptians were not black and you wuzn't never kangz, Jamal. If anybody actually cares for the truth, which fewer and fewer people do.